2018 Goals for Growth

Yesterday, I mentioned on Instagram that every year my goals are centered around growth. I typically keep them to myself, but I think sharing them publicly may help me stay accountable and motivate others to focus on only a few growth opportunities rather than setting 100 resolutions that aren't realistic/are far out of range of their day to day life.

With that being said, below you will find my two goals for growth in 2018, specifically in my personal and fitness life. My full time career goals I like to keep a little more closed off, mostly because I am using this space for fitness related subjects (but if you have any questions, just ask!).

1. Give back and be more involved in the community

Before I became a fitness instructor, I spent a lot more time volunteering with various organizations within the city, and I'd like to insert that back into my life. Even if it is once every 3 months I spend a Sunday volunteering with an organization that is crucial to Boston's overall wellbeing, I'll consider this goal a success. 

2. Find deeper ways to influence

This is very vague, but I want to see how this one takes shape organically. I have numerous platforms to share my thoughts and motivate others. I want to utilize them more and dig deeper into the content. I want to connect with more people and find ways I can have a positive impact. My initial thought is it use this website more often but I think Instagram is extremely powerful for engagement purposes as well. I have a voice and I'd like to use it. 

That's it. Just two. Hello, 2018!